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The S-525 Center Channel is the perfect accompaniment to the S-520 mini-monitors. It shares the same polypropylene woofers, soft dome tweeter and high-quality finish options.

Just like its sister speakers, the S-525 is constructed of thick MDF, covered with a solid wood veneer and protected with several layers of clear coat. It is also a perfect match in both tone and timbre.

Features include twin-tuned ports, two 5-inch woofers, four solid brass speaker terminals for bi-wiring and bi-amping and standard jumpers.



2-way system: tweeter 1" (UA025C-10), mid-bass 5" (5201W)
sensitivity: 90 dB @ 1 watt / 1m
nominal impedance: 4 ohms
frequency response (-3 dB): 48 Hz ~ 20 kHz
power handling: 80 watts
crossover frequencies: 2.38 kHz
weight: 12 kgs
dimensions  (w x d x h): 60 cm x 30.5 cm x 18 cm

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